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A car workshop full of surprises

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Case study of a recent concrete floor preparation job.

This was a fairly recent job we undertook. Sometimes things don't quite go according to plan, and this was one of those projects!

This car workshop is based in Bournemouth, and the client's brief was to pass lightly over the concrete floor, removing the paint to provide a key for a new covering. The first photo below is the 'before' shot.

We started work, but as the area was being 'ground' by our Planetary Diamond Grinder, it became apparent that the subfloor had a levelling compound underneath. This has come away, or debonded, in more than one place.

Discussions ensued with both the client and the 'end user', and the decision was made to remove everything and take the concrete floor back to its original layer. Work was carried out with minimal disruption after our end user client stated "we have one chance to get this right". This demonstrates the cost implications if the floor isn't prepared properly.

Grit Blasting UK are experienced at skilled at Concrete Floor Preparation, and if you'd like to discuss your needs, or just have a few questions - please do get in touch.

This shot was taken during the work.

And finally, the photo below shows the new flooring which was laid by the contractor.

Its all in the preparation - as they say.

Contact us today for more details.

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