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Factory floor - diamond grinding

A recent concrete floor preparation project on a factory floor in Bournemouth was planned as a two stage project covering two 440m2 areas. This factory belongs to a well known European aviation group.

This factory floor had been maintained by the Group's internal maintenance team for several years. As with most industrial settings, when it begins to look tired the team simply apply more epoxy to freshen it up. Over time, the integrity cannot be maintained, and the point comes when a new coating applied over an old coating no longer works.

We were contracted to prepare the surface by Diamond Grinding the areas to remove all the old coatings and provide a clean surface for contractors to apply a fresh epoxy coat.

Between 3 and 4 layers were removed across the factory floor in various stages of exposure, with many areas having been reworked for storage racking - then 'patch repaired' over the years. There were lots of hidden metal fixings in the flooring.

We took quite a few photos of this project. The set below show the work in progress, and then the finished result.

Work in progress on the site:

After preparation:

This is the type of project which we excel at. Using skills and the most up to date equipment, we are able to prepare large concrete floor areas of industrial warehouses, factories and hangers.

For more details on our work, or to find our more about we can support your project, contact us today.

to negotiate which is always interesting for the operator!

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