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Factory floor - a case study in concrete floor preparation

Bristol Maid™ is a family run company that was founded in 1951 by Jack Davis & John Rowe. It was this successful partnership that led to the adoption of the Bristol Maid™ trademark and familiar 'nurses head' logo. The company relocated to Blandford Forum, Dorset in 1981. Bristol Maid™ is globally known for its high-quality hand made products.

The Grit Blasting UK team has been on site at Bristol Maid lately as part of a three phase project refurbishing the factory floor. This is part of a programme of work as the business relocates processes and is adding new equipment on the site.

The existing factory floor had been previously 'freshened up' by the company's own maintenance team as the need has arisen. This time around, co-inciding with the investment in new manufacturing processes, specialist external contractors have been assigned to prepare the concrete flooring to a high standard. Grit Blasting UK is delighted to be undertaking this work. We have been contracted by the resin contractor to improve 350m2 of the subfloor, enabling a later application of epoxy paint.

When inspected, the floor had multiple layers of previously applied epoxy onto a soft concrete floor. The floor also had hidden anchor bolts from handrails, as well as machine anchoring systems which were spread across the area ear-marked for preparation.

These types of challenges do play havoc with our planetary floor grinders - and therefore increased our anticipated time on site. We are always prepared for such eventualities, and able to repair machine heads!

After successful preparation, the resin contractors were able to lay the coating, and as you can see - its a great result.

Grit Blasting UK has experience in Concrete Floor Preparation, and works with partners across the UK in providing specialist contractor services for all types of surface preparation too.

Check out our website for more examples of our work, and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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