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Floor preparation - its a diamond job....

We thought we'd show you one of our latest floor preparation projects - the removal of 420m2 of coatings from a decommissioned blasting facility for the largest defence contractor in Europe.

During its life as a blasting facility, the floor had received multiple coatings in different areas specific to the working process in that part of the building. With a concentrated thickness up to 6-8mm in the paint Shop area for example.

Using the latest Planetary Diamond Floor Grinders, PCD (Polycrystalline Diamonds) tools, these were used to great effect in reducing and removing the coatings. In combination with Diamond tools a suitably prepared clean dust free surface was produced ready to be handed over to the Resin Contractor—to apply a fresh even application over the surface.

Once completed, the building will be used as a new Storage Facility where Forklift trucks and other heavy equipment will be used.

For more photos of the project, visit our case study page, showing a selection of our case studies. (This one is the Floor - preparation blasting facility)

Contact us today for more details on Floor Preparation.

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