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Grade II listed - floor preparation case study

Berkeley Group builds homes and neighbourhoods across London, Birmingham and the South of England. They specialise in brownfield regeneration, reviving underused land to create unique, sustainable and nature-rich places.

Today we talk about our experience at Oakhill House, a new development in Hildenborough near Tonbridge in Kent, under development.

Our brief was to remove paint from the surface of concrete floor (approximately 200m2) - which is not usually a problem with our range of large planetary machines. But this one had its challenges with limited access.

We were contracted to work on this Grade II listed building's basement. Access into the basement was via a traditional staircase (wooden), not much wider than your standard home case. All of our equipment had to be manhandled into the basement so our equipment choice was limited.

Our 3 Phase SPE DFG250 single headed diamond grinder was just about the right size to negotiate the stairs, and just about manageable to lift in and out of the area. It is more than powerful enough to cope with the removal process.

The area was covered in a mixture of paint and a former liquid damp proof membrane (DPM), which had to be removed. Some areas had a levelling compound over these coatings - which ranged from 1-2mm to 8-9mm.

The combination of Kango's and a PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tooling attached to the DFG250 grinder removed the coatings ready for the specialist contractor to apply a new surface system to hold back any present moisture.

Grit Blasting UK provides surface preparation solutions, and is the UK's leading specialist contractor for concrete floor preparation. We operate across the UK, with our base in Wiltshire.

If you'd like to know more about our work, or would like a quotation, please contact us today.

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