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UK's leading surface preparation specialists

Concrete floor preparation
We provide all types of dust free blast cleaning and surface preparation services, paint spraying and powder coating.  

High quality plant, machinery and fleet refurbishment, specialist industrial concrete repair preparation and concrete floor preparation, paint spraying and powder coating.

We are a specialist industrial concrete repair and concrete floor preparation contractor based in Wiltshire, operating UK country-wide.

Our work includes captive blasting, abrasive cleaning and blasting. 

For commercial, industrial, construction, engineering and home renovation projects.



Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation 

Surface preparation is the process of removing existing coatings and corrosion from surfaces such as steelwork, stone walls, stoves/fireplaces, oak beams, silo storage tanks and larger structures such as steel bridges.

Occasionally the term 'sand blasting', 'shot blasting' or 'grit blasting' is still used by some but a variety of different blast media is used to undertake surface preparation work.

We have a range of equipment which we use for surface preparation work, and we continuously invest in the latest equipment.

Industrial concrete floor preparation

Industrial Concrete Floor Preparation 

Larger construction and engineering companies now rely on Grit Blasting UK as a preferred sub-contractor because of our reliability and experience. This is particularly the case for industrial concrete floor preparation.

Concrete floor preparation is an efficient and environmentally acceptable dust free method of preparing concrete surfaces. Grit Blasting UK uses expertise and the latest in diamond floor grinding technology and shot blasting to provide a clean, professional finish ready for the application of surface treatments such as paint.

Surface preparation and paint spraying

Paint Spraying and Powder Coating 

We specialise in the application of surface coatings including industrial paint spraying of primers, topcoats and fire protection coatings. The right surface coating will provide excellent anti-corrosion protection as well as ensuring durability, temperature tolerance, hardness, friction resistance and defence from chemical attack.

We have the latest in powder coating equipment and technology including two ovens with the capacity to take large agricultural equipment. (One is 6m x 2.5m, the second is 4m x 2.4m)

Our intensive process provides a clean, hard and flawless paint surface after coating, offering a higher quality finish than paint spraying or liquid paint applications.

Concrete repair preparation

Industrial Concrete Repair Preparation 

Before commencing any industrial concrete repairs, the surface must be clean of contaminants, unsound concrete, coatings and adhesive films. Restoring a concrete surface back to an original condition also requires knowledge and understanding of the best techniques, and the degree of blast cleaning required.  

We can prepare stone, concrete and masonry for the next stage of the restoration process. We work with Concrete Repair companies for example where works need the surface to be keyed properly before repairs can commence. 



Grit Blasting UK was established in 2005. We are now the UK's leading surface preparation company.

Our head office is based in Wiltshire, and we cover all UK locations for larger construction, engineering and contract work.

We have dedicated blasting and spray paint and powder coating facilities based in Devizes and Andover, and our mobile blasting units offer nationwide UK coverage. Our paint spraying and powder coating facilities enable us to offer end-to-end surface preparation services.

Our valued and skilled team are fully trained and have experience in all aspects of surface preparation including blast cleaning, paint spraying, powder coating. We provide an on-going training programme to our staff, keeping pace with industry developments and operate within the highest industry standards for your assurance.


We are the UK's leading concrete floor preparation experts too. 

Our experience ranges from blast-cleaning smaller items to surface preparation on large construction projects like road bridges, wharfs, warehouses and wind turbines. We specialise in agricultural and fleet equipment too, and our location in Wiltshire is ideally situated for us to reach all corners of the UK.

We continually invest in the latest blast cleaning and surface preparation equipment, ensuring you receive the highest quality services, and we are proud to work with a wide range of respected client brands.



UK wide


Reliability and highest quality

Year Established

Operate across the country 

Fleet of mobile blasting units 

Equipment and skills



We work extensively with Promain UK Ltd, the UK’s leading paint distributor.

Using Promains UK Ltd’s technical expertise, and our surface preparation knowledge, we can provide end-to-end preparation solutions for your project.

Promain has been established for over 30 years, matching the best paints and surface coating technology with the very best levels of service supplying quality industrial paint products throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the materials and technologies available in the blast cleaning and paint and surface coatings industries. Promain and Grit Blasting UK together offer a unique and professional service by helping companies and individuals find the surface preparation methods, the correct paints, surface coatings and floor preparation and concrete repair materials for your needs.

Concrete floor preparation
Industrial concrete floor preparation finish

We offer a nationwide surface preparation service, with our fleet of mobile units. We also have blasting and local paint spray shop and powder coating facilities in Andover and Devizes.

Concrete floor preparation
Powder coating oven
Powder coating



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