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Industrial Concrete Floor Preparation

Floor Shot Blasting 

As a concrete flooring contractor, we use dust free captive shot blasting for the preparation of concrete floors. This process prepares the floor for the application of coatings and overlays, this could be epoxy resins or screeds for example for a screed contractor to lay. 


The basic principle of the blasting operation is performed by abrasive media being thrown at a high velocity against the surface to be cleaned.

We undertake all types of industrial concrete flooring as a specialist flooring contractor. We are also know as concrete floor grinding contractors. 

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Recognised in industry as the modern, fast, versatile, environmental dust free means to dry abrasive cleaning and texturing of horizontal or slightly inclined surfaces. This eliminates mess normally associated with hand blasting and leaves an ideal surface for coatings and overlays to be applied. Abrasive and debris is contained to prevent hazardous working and environmental pollution.

Floor preparation equipment

Applications include:

  • Removal of old coatings

  • Cleaning concrete and tiles

  • Exposing aggregates

  • Providing non-slip surfaces

  • Steel preparation to SA3 standard

  • Laitance removal on new concrete floors

  • Multi-storey car parks

  • Shopping precincts

  • Food processing plants

  • Storage tanks roofs and floors

  • Ships decks

  • Steel plates

  • Ro-Ro bridges

  • Ferries

Floor preparation equipment
Floor preparation - diamond grinder
Floor preparation equipment

High quality finish from the UK's leading surface preparation contractors

Diamond grinding

Captive shot blasting

Scabbling and planing

Concrete reduction

Tile removal 

Concrete floor preparation
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