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Concrete floor preparation - the importance of good preparation

This month we take a look at what can happen with an epoxy floor coating when it fails.

In this case, the failure was due to poor preparation of the concrete prior to coating.

A prior attempt was made before coating to 'key' the surface. However, without the right amount of diamond grinding, the previous power floated finish had not been removed properly.

The surface area was being used as a holding areas for vehicles ahead of their hire. So vehicles were sat on the coated surface initially, and then tyre treads were pulling up patches of coating when the vehicles were were moved.

By removing surface irregularities and exposing a fresh layer of concrete, diamond grinding improves the concrete's resistance to wear and tear. This prolongs the lifespan of the concrete surface and reduces the need for frequent repairs.

Grit Blasting UK was therefore asked to remove 350m2 of the epoxy coating for this project, which was done for our client near Andover.

This project undelines the importance of good surface preparation. The old adage "To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail" springs to mind.

Diamond grinding is often the first step in preparing the surface for additional finishing or coating applications. It creates a level base for applying sealers, paints, epoxy coatings, or polishing compounds, ensuring a uniform and durable finish.

Grit Blasting UK is the UK's leading Surface Preparation company specialises in Concrete Floor Preparation. Our website has many case studies, and if you'd like more information, contact us today.

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