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Garage floor - concrete floor case study

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The concrete floor for this 200m2 space in Blandford Forum was in good condition, just dirty and oily in several places.

Grit Blasting UK was contracted to remove the contamination and provide a key to the surface.

We did this by Captive Shot blasting the main concrete surface, and the edges by Diamond Grinding. This was achieved using our single headed grinder.

Where access was very tight, we used a hand held 9inch, with dust guard and extraction.

The final photo here shows the finished effect after the top coat had been applied by the flooring contractors.

Larger construction and engineering companies rely on Grit Blasting UK as a preferred sub-contractor because of our reliability and experience. This is particularly the case for industrial concrete floor preparation.

Concrete floor preparation is an efficient and environmentally acceptable dust free method of preparing concrete surfaces. Grit Blasting UK uses expertise and the latest in technology and shot blasting to provide a clean, professional finish ready for the application of surface treatments such as paint.

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