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Surface preparation - the growing demand

Looking back over the past year, we have undertaken more diverse projects than we can fit in this short blog. From bridges to barges, wind turbines to water pumping stations, the list and variety of work is growing.

Surface preparation is our business. Despite the challenges thrown at us all with the recent pandemic, everyday we receive requests for work that takes us further afield geographically, or into a new area.

As a specialist contractor, we have the equipment and the skills to prepare the surface of any structure, from historic buildings to modern factories, concrete floors and steel - and anything in between.

This year we are expecting a demanding year, and already we have completed some large projects despite the inclement weather.

In addition to our surface preparation expertise, we have a paint spray shop and powder coating oven to handle those larger jobs, some of which can be seen below. All of our work is undertaken to the highest standards desired by our clients.

If you are a contractor and want to know more about our work, please do contact us today, and check out our website.

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