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A real 'pick 'n mix' lately!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Our concrete floor preparation work continues apace, across the UK. We've travelled some miles in recent months and here's a job that we thought you'd be interested in. Our visit here took us to Fareham, and was the site of the old Woolworth's store. Those of you who remember the pick 'n mix sweets may remember the store! The premises will be a new Job Centre on the High Street.

Our job was on the first floor, which was used as a storage area or stockroom. Laid in sections, the floor had different levels due to the sectional joints, making this a challenge to remove the old coatings. You can see some of this in the photos below. The area was around 1400m2.

Once we removed the old paint and contaminants, we were able to hand back, enabling the flooring contractor to lay the levelling compound without fear of it debonding.

For more information on our concrete floor preparation work, contact us today.

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