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Swimming pool - blast cleaning

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Here's a recent project where you can see the instant effects of the blast cleaning process.

This empty domestic swimming pool is covered in algae and other contaminants. To effect any repairs to the pool, this surface layer had to be blast cleaned to leave a clean surface, so that damage could be identified and rectified.

As you can see, the pool rendering was in need of repair.

After blast cleaning, it is free of contaminants and ready for prepping.

After its renovation, the pool is now being enjoyed again!

The pool was finished using Teamac G149 Chlorinated Rubber Paint for swimming pools, ponds etc.

Grit Blasting UK undertakes a wide range of blast cleaning and floor preparation work for clients, both home renovation and industrial. We are a specialist contractor, and we operate across the UK. If you would like more details on our services, contact us today.

01225 775 519 or 07811 770 635. Or visit our website and fill in our contact form.

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